iStorage diskAshur PRO2 USB 3.1 Portable HDDs
  • iStorage diskAshur PRO2 USB 3.1 Portable HDDs

    SKU: IS-DAP2-256-500-C-G
    • USB 3.1 Encrypted Portable Hard Drive
    • Capacities up to 5TB*
    • NCSC CPA (UK) & NLNCSA BSPA (NL) – Certified
    • Designed to be certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3
    • AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption – no software required
    • OS & Platform independent
    • Employs EDGE* Technology

    What is diskAshur PRO2?

    The diskAshur PRO2 is the world's first and only NCSC CPA and NLNCSA BSPA certified encrypted portable hard drive. It is also designed to be certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3.


    **EDGETM  (Enhanced Dual Generating Encryption) Technology Offering advanced portable data security via built-in FIPS PUB 197 validated AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption engine. The data encryption key is randomly generated by a Common Criteria EAL4+ ready Random Number Generator and protected by FIPS validated wrapping algorithms. uniquely featuring a dedicated on-board Common Criteria EAL4+ ready secure microprocessor to enhance security through true random number generation and built-in cryptography. The security component employs physical protection mechanisms to protect itself from any external tamper, bypass laser attacks and fault injections and incorporates active-shield violation technology. More specifically, the secure microprocessor reacts to all forms of automated hacking attempts by entering the deadlock frozen state where the device can only restart through a ‘Power On’ reset procedure (i.e. power off/power on). The security lock feature protects the device against any unauthorised firmware modifications from the host side (fully protected against BadUSB). The diskAshur PRO2 uniquely incorporates a secure microprocessor providing secure algorithms to encrypt both the data and the encryption key, giving you confidence that your data is protected to the highest standards at any given time.


    The drive is an easy to use ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, portable USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, software free design, super-fast data transfer speeds. The diskAshur PRO2 has an easy-to-use keypad design enabling you to securely access the drive with your own unique 7-15 digit PIN and with software free setup and operation, the diskAshur PRO2 is platform/device independent and works across all operating systems including all versions of MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients and embedded systems. In fact, it will work on